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Our intricate network of distributors has access to over thousands of conglomerate and independent businesses that actively trade and distribute in their own avenue. This has allowed QH to be the trailblazer for various brands and businesses to explore the potential in areas which they aren’t connected to, helping them penetrate into the most challenging markets.

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retailer network

retailer network

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Whether you’ve got a brand that needs to reach a greater market, or a business wanting to expand your product listings - we have a service tailored for that. The distribution and fulfilment business is a big industry and it covers a lot more than just getting your products from one warehouse to another. Years of experience has given us the opportunity to figure out how things get done effectively, while crossing out the ineffective ways of things, so you can focus on getting results and avoid the pitfalls along the way. Here’s some core services that we offer.


Connecting people through products. Business development is a key process for our customers to pursue market penetration and it requires detailed consultations and analysis for success. Our commitment towards our customers and brands enables us to strategize every step required to connect the right products to the right market.


We deal with a multitude of vendors daily to help clients benefit from a streamlined management service, which accesses multiple supply channels instantly that allows us to track, compare and receive the optimum deal for every purchase.


With the combined advantage of local expertise, sophisticated computing and a global network of vendors, our clients enjoy an abundance of offerings at the most optimized pricing.

Specialized buying softwares enables our team to compare multiple supply channels and sort for past and present offers, which will then be reviewed and analyzed before presented to our clients, so that you can make the purchasing decisions with ease.


We are committed to brands, and we understand the importance of maintaining customer’s expectations. With our access over the supply chain, we are ready to perform operational checks on the products, scrutinizing every shipment for product quality issues to ensure everything meets and fulfills our client’s quality requirements.


Expect better control and flexibility with minimal complexity. Our team is committed to serve and respond to any needs from our customers. We are easily accessible by email or telephone, and face-to-face meetings at head office. Our customized CRM softwares allows us to record, track and manage all accounts with the fastest and most accurate data, so we can get to what matters instantly.


We are the logistic extension of your business. We provide customers with professional planning, warehouse management, and efficient transportation that optimizes the logistic flow for their products. We work diligently with a global network of agents and shipping lines, which enabled us to offer the most competitive prices and fastest shipping times.


With a focus on personal service and client security, we works closely with vendors to find the right product for the right market.
You won't speak to a different person every time you call.